Franziska FischerGLOWYBOX is Franziska´s personal vision of what a contemporary, sophisticated
and brisk woman wants to have in her glowy box.
It is the emotional and deep expression of the designer´s taste and her daily surroundings.
GLOWYBOX celebrates a sense of freedom, art , nature and offers a unique take on modern


GLOWYBOX´s signature style is defined by a subtle play between jewelry, art, nature,
confiserie, luxurios fixings often enhanced by unexpected treatments.
It is the designer´s vision to put absorbing elements, techniques and fixings in a new
interaction and execution, representing new structures, perceptions of jewelry as well as a
nouveau style of jewelry.


GLOWYBOX was first presented in Caracas, Venzuela in 2007. The following season a
whole jewelry collection was shown in Berlin.
GLOWYBOX arranges the shows of Dawid Tomaszewski with jewelry.
All pieces are manufactured with love to detail and hand-made in Germany.